Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dr. Carpenter cured my cancer @ Lase Med Inc

Near the end of July 2011 I noticed lumps in each of my testicles. I contacted my primary physician and she tested me using non-invasive procedures, confirming that I had cancer. She also informed me that we had found the cancer early enough that I could benefit from a non-traditional procedure that she told me should kill the cancer. She had researched Lase Med Inc and had success with other patients being successfully treated by Dr. Carpenter.

I was grateful to have my cancer diagnosed without an invasive biopsy, as I believe that any form of invasive treatment has the potential to spread the disease. I was also pleased to not be castrated, radiated, or have my body filled with caustic chemicals.

Upon confirming the diagnosis and being referred to Dr. Carpenter, I immediately made preparations to visit her clinic in the Tulsa area. Her office graciously scheduled my treatments on the date I requested, informing me that each cancerous tumor would require four treatments. My original plan was to have the treatments completed in a week's time.

My first treatment occurred on the day I arrived.  It was not necessary for me to be sedated since the therapy does not have inordinate pain or discomfort associated with it.  The treatment took about 90 minutes and I was tired but able to have my evening meal following the treatment.

My immune system sensed the treatments and began to react to the necrotic tissue killed by the laser.  I credit the rapid immune response to the fact that I was active and otherwise healthy prior to treatments and had not compromised my immune system bit traditional western medical cancer treatments.

Following the third treatment my immune system was severely reacting and I had to wait a few days to complete the fourth treatment, then I went home.  During the three-day wait my body reacted violently, trying to assimilate the necrotic tissue and I exhibited flu-like symptoms. I lost over 12% of my body weight and experienced significant weakness and swelling in my scrotum as my body reacted to the treatments.

Dr. Carpenter advised me that my body's reaction, while extreme, was not unusual and that it was normal for one's system to seek to purge necrotic tissue caused by the treatment.  Better dead tissue than live cancer!

I had two tumors, one in each testicle.  One side of my scrotum actually opened to expose and expunge the dead tumor, which was a unique experience.  However, since Dr. Carpenter informed me of that possibility, I was able to care for myself according to her directions.  My recovery was well underway.

I spent two months following the treatment in acute recovery, meaning that it was all I could do to take care of my body as it continued to rejuvenate health without having to fight chemicals, surgery or radiation.  I believe traditional treatment would have required far more recovery time and a deeper level of stress to my system.

Dr. Carpenter took great care to instruct me as to how to care for myself during recovery.  She also provided a detailed explanation of what I might experience during my recovery, along with techniques for assisting my body to recover.  She remained in regular contact with me and continues to check on my condition seven months following my original course of treatment.  I have followed her recommendations and my recovery is nearly 100%!

I just turned age 59 and I'm still working on my stamina and strength.  However, even though six weeks following treatment I was only able to walk a few blocks, I have now resumed bicycling on both my road and mountain bikes, I snow ski regularly, and I have the energy to play with my grandchildren in addition to running my business.  I am able to go to the gm and exercise nearly every day.

My primary physician continues to monitor my progress and has declared me cancer-free during each of my follow up visits.  I could not have hoped for a better outcome and unequivocally and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Carpenter and Lase Med Inc.

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